One of my very favorite quotes about Education comes from Charlotte Mason, “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline and a Life.”  At Momversity our goal is to help you further your own Education so that what’s inside of you will flow over into your family and community.  If education is not the filling of the bucket but the lighting of a fire, then I hope as you continue your own education, in all things motherhood, that you will burn with passion and excitement as you minister in your homes and communities.

Education is an atmosphere.

In our homes we strive to create an Atmosphere that fosters learning in our children.  What about creating an atmosphere that helps you to continue learning, mama?

With free resources that abound everywhere today, it’s easier than ever to keep learning.  We have libraries full of books, free kindle books, podcasts, blogs, youtube, ted talks, etc.  There are so many!  I know that sometimes it’s all just overwhelming and you aren’t sure where to go and who to trust.

So how can you create an atmosphere that helps you to learn?

Well, the very first step is to take an assessment of what your atmosphere is now?

Let’s use all 5 senses.  First close your eyes.  What do you hear?  What do you smell?  What do you feel on you? (comfortable clothes, clean floors or crumbs, soft blanket, cold or hot, etc) Now open your eyes.  What do you see?  Find a piece of chocolate and enjoy the sense of taste that God has gifted to you!

Using what you learned from the 5 senses test can help you to know what to learn and grow in now!

No.  You can’t just snap your fingers and have the house organized.  But you can set a timer and work in a room for 15 minutes a day and at the end of the month you will have it organized.  See for more help on getting in a great home routine.

Could you play an audio book or podcast and learn while doing the dishes or laundry?  Could you play some calming music to calm the children and yourself?

Maybe you could light a candle or run a diffuser with oils to add to the calm of the situation or to improve the smell.  Bake something yummy to fill the house with a wonderful aroma.

How do you feel?  Do you think that you would feel better if you dressed nice?  Then dress nice.  Put on an apron for work to keep clean.  Dress in workout clothes if you need to really clean and don’t forget the shoes. I find that I really have to wear tennis shoes to get real work done in my home.  Do you feel frumpy?  Fix your hair and make-up.

What do you see?  How could you make your home have a better atmosphere for learning?  I like to keep books in different places in my home.  That way when I have a chance to sit for a bit then I have a book handy to read.  I really enjoy using my smartphone to listen to podcasts with my headphones.  You can tape scripture up on your walls in strategic places so you can memorize and meditate on God’s life giving words.

The Atmosphere of your home is formed from the ideas that rule your life.  What ideas are ruling your life?  Do you need to change some of those ideas with scripture?

Are you a thermostat mama or a thermometer mama?  One changes things to keep the right temperature while the other one just responds.

First, mama, steep yourself in God’s word.  Pray and seek God’s direction in your learning, growth and changes that should be made in your home.  That is what will give you true peace in your heart and home.

Another great place to learn about changing the Atmosphere of your home is The Lifegiving Home by Sally Clarkson.