Homeschool Through The Years

With all the Pinterest worthy Homeschool Rooms, we sometimes feel that we just can’t go on without a beautiful space dedicated to homeschooling.  Yes, a room to hold bookshelves and supplies is very nice to have, but it’s not a necessity for everyone.  Here is exactly how I started off.  I used a basket that held all my books and we took the basket to the kitchen and living room.  It was such a sweet beginning to our homeschool journey.  Sometimes we did school at the kitchen counter.  Sometimes at the kitchen table.

We even had tea time before that was cool!

Then, before I knew it, we needed more space.  With two students and a toddler in the mix, I needed somewhere to contain the books and things.  I didn’t wait until I had the room perfect; I just added a little at a time to my former dining room.

During some of these years we had tried to keep our house staged since we had it up for sale.

I was so excited when my husband finished building the bookshelf that I had wanted for a long time!  It even had child lock doors on the bottom.  Every toddler moms dream!  A space to lock away markers, scissors, paper, etc.

So our room changed again!

I moved around more furniture, added a few small bookshelves for toys, and added a preschool corner as my daughter turned 3.

Another book shelf change.  Trying to make it work better for our needs.

Then I finally had it arranged into my “perfect school room”!!

Of course, that’s when our house sold.

We moved to a rental house.  I don’t have a picture of the dining room I set up for school, but it was 3 full size desks in a room with our computer and 0ne cubical bookshelf with our printer and books stored.  Totally packed out!!  Then I converted one of my girls bedrooms upstairs to a playroom/schoolroom for just my girls.  At this point all 4 children were homeschooling.  I would take the girls upstairs to do their school so the boys could work quietly downstairs without being distracted by us.  We had such fun in this room!  My girls could focus better being separated.

We still would do work in our kitchen together, and I would read aloud in the living room after lunch.

Sometimes you just have to work with what you have.  We homeschool so we use the entire home.  The porches outside, the living room, the kitchen, the dining room and the bedrooms, too!  Sometimes kids need the quiet of their room.

In a separate post I will share our current homeschool space.