Makeup And Curriculum

Hmmmm. Make-up and Curriculum. Bet you are wondering what in the world do these two things could possibly have in common.

Primer, Foundation, powder, concealer, blush, bronzer, contouring make-up, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, fake lashes, lip liner, lip stick, lip gloss, long wear lip stick, chapstick. Whew! That’s a lot of products. I don’t always wear all those things. I’ve never used fake lashes. There are so many brands, so many differences in all these products.

You know some women are just so naturally beautiful that they don’t need make-up. Some have gorgeous complexions that never even need a smidge of concealer. They might wear some chap stick and moisturizer. That’s all!. I’ve never been that type of woman. First, I was covering the zits, now it’s the dark circles and trying to look alive! Some moms are so confident they go out without make-up and save it for special occasions. Rarely you might even see me without make-up. Some girls wear way too much when they first start wearing make-up. They always look ready for a stage. There are different seasons in life that you wear different amounts and even get the best of a type of make-up because you need it.

The way I see it curriculum in the homeschool world is the same. Some of us need the curriculum that covers everything. Some of us need the best for one certain area that is our weak area. (Can anyone recommend a good concealer like this?) We don’t all need the same curriculum. What works for you might not work for me and vice versa. Some moms can even pull off homeschooling with just a computer, paper and the basics. I personally am not such a natural that I can teach without much of anything. The second time around I am better at teaching some things without curriculum dictating everything. Kinda like the way I dropped off that acne cream when I quit breaking out so badly. I grew out of some of the acne and in homeschooling I’ve grown out of the need for a curriculum to dictate my every move. Some moms try to do way too much curriculum in one year and they feel like they are in a three ring circus. School takes forever for them also. Very similar to those days when you might need stage make-up or if you have a professional photo shoot. After a little time they grow into themselves and their role as a home educator.

So rest easy mama! If you don’t need the best spelling program out there for your kid, march on with what is working. Don’t be bothered by the fact that another mom does need it. You pray, research, pray some more and stick to it. Let’s support each other. Encourage one another and build each other up!

We could all benefit from someone showing us the proper way to apply make-up and be a mentor to us. The same with home educating. Find a mentor to learn from mama! Look to some that have walked before you and have done it well. Attend a homeschool conference. Listen to podcasts. I recommend listening to Sally Clarkson’s podcast. Read The Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola.

  • Find a mentor

  • Attend a homeschool conference

  • Listen to podcasts